Do you want to create your own private escape?

The best option for you is Full Privacy – White Picket Fencing by Calgary Vinyl Fence which allows you to create your own private escape, an affordable way to add an affluent style to your property. With Calgary Vinyl Fence, you can block the view without creating an eyesore, consider your privacy & enjoy it for years.

Amazingly, our privacy fencing offers maximum privacy with minimum maintenance; with 11 different colours that can be mixed & matched & you are sure to find a solution to beautify your garden.

Calgary Vinyl Fences - Privacy Vinyl Fence

Amazing Reasons to Choose Full Privacy at Calgary Vinyl Fence

  1. A stylish alternative to traditional steel & timber fencing.

  2. Require minimum maintenance.

  3. Withstand all types of weather.

  4. A variety of colours are available to beautify your garden.

  5. Makes it take less time to keep your home looking tidy.

  6. Environment-friendly yet long-lasting fencing option.

  7. Rust is not a threat from paintwork scrapes or water accumulation.

  8. Our complete privacy fencing entirely obscures passers-by’s vision and has no gaps at all.

  9. If any stains occur then you can easily clean off the surface with a sponge & water.

Calgary Vinyl Fence - Privacy Vinyl Fence 2


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