Do you want to create your own private escape?

Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing is a great option for those who want a vinyl privacy fence by don’t want to feel confined by a solid wall. They also provide a little more security than a traditional vinyl picket fence because it limits some visibility providing privacy & comfort.

Consider Semi-Privacy Fencing has several different styles which allow for airflow yet provide the perfect amount of seclusion. With a variety of Semi-Privacy vinyl fencing available at Calgary Vinyl Fencing, home & business owners will find an option that meets their needs. Undoubtedly, you will find this fencing option one of the most durable, virtually maintenance-free as well as cost-effective. 

One of the impressive things about this fencing option is that it will not warp, blister, rot, split, rust, decay, or chip like an aluminum or wooden semi-privacy fence appropriate for both commercial uses and residential residences. Our semi-privacy fencing offers a balance of design & privacy.

Calgary Vinyl Fence - Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence 4

At Calgary Vinyl Fencing, we request our clients to go for the Semi-Privacy Fencing option for the reasons such as:

  1. As it ensures the safety of your children, pets, or family.

  2. Improving the privacy of your business or home.

  3. For creating a visual property line between you & your neighbour.

  4. Increasing the curbside of your property.

  5. To stay protected with the unwanted dangers.

  6. A periodic wash will maintain your fence’s aesthetic appeal for years to come.

  7. Unlimited customizable options are available.

Calgary Vinyl Fence - Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence 5


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